I’m a photographer based out of Waterloo, Ontario. I’m just starting out in my passion for photography, but seem to gravitate to nature-based subjects.

I grew up in Pickering, Ontario while spending my summers at the family cottage just outside Bon Echo Provincial Park. The influence of being surrounded by nature for two full months of the year made me appreciate what the environment had to offer and its beauty. Through grade school and university, I met many people that further opened my eyes to the beauty of the natural environment around me, even in the urban environment that I find myself today.

I spend a lot of time walking local trails, all year-round, looking for a unique perspective, a play on sunlight, and any wildlife. It seems the only time I see wildlife, is when I didn’t happen to bring my camera that day.

As I continue to explore the art of photography, I am open to new ideas and opportunities. Feel free to contact me to discuss your photography needs.