Shade’s Mills Conservation Area – Nature Walk

The Shade’s Mills Conservation Area is located in Cambridge, Ontario. With several kilometres of hiking trails through forests, this is a great urban forest to escape and engage in some forest bathing. Many of the trails are narrow, with thick undergrowth on both sides and branches overhead.

Canon 80D – EFS 10-22mm – 22mm – f4.5 – 1/125 sec – ESO 1000

There are numerous areas to see the creek, with beaver dams and evidence of spring log jams.

Canon 80D – EFS 10-22mm – 10mm – f3.5 – 1/1250 sec – ISO 1000
Canon 80D – EFS 10-22mm – 10mm – f3.5 – 1/1250 sec – ISO 1000
Canon 80D – EFS 10-22mm – 10mm – f3.5 – 1/1250 sec – ISO 1000

As you cross the bridge, you are treated with a view downriver with extensive overhanding branches and a large number of dragonflies, known as Black Saddlebags.

Canon 80D – EFS 10-22mm – 22mm – f4.5 – 1/800sec – ISO 1000
Canon 80D – Sigma 150-600mm – 600mm – f6.3 – 1/1250 sec – ISO 1000

There are several large trees in this area, with many having numerous trunks.

Canon 80D – EFS 10-22mm – 20mm – f4.5 – 1/320 sec – ISO 1000

It is apparent that there is minimal forest maintenance along the trails, with few cut stumps and long-dead trees being left to the elements.

Canon 80D – EFS 10-22mm- 20mm – f4.5 – 1/3200 sec – ISO 1000

Unfortunately, like many areas in southern Ontario, the Giant Hogweed has made its way into this natural area.

Canon 80D – EFS 10-22mm – 22mm – f4.5 – 1/800 sec – ISO 1000

This was a great day for a walk in the forest, and I will likely make an effort to explore this area when the fall colours peak.


  1. ML Kattides

    What a lovely walk in the CA. We must get out there. I had forgotten how lovely it is.

  2. Evange

    Beautiful dragonfly!
    Love the crispness of the dragonfly and the blurring of the background!

  3. Rob

    Shade’s Mils used to be groomed and track set for XC skiing. Doesn’t look like it anymore.

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