With four full days of the conference and one day of travel, the remaining time available for Vancouver photos was quite limited. It rained for the first two days of the week, obscuring the mountains and much of the Vancouver skyline. The next two days were sunny and clear, and I really wish I could have gone back up Grouse Mountain with the clear skies.

The conference took place at the Vancouver Convention Centre, which had a great view of the harbour.

On Thursday night, I checked into my flight and decided to change my seat so that I would be facing away from the rising sun, in the hopes of seeing the mountains on the way to Calgary. While my camera was packed in the overhead storage, I had my phone out and was able to watch the mountains come into view as the sun rose.

As we came into Calgary, we circled to the south of the City, illuminating the skyline, with the mountain range in the distance.

My trip from Calgary back to Ontario had seating with the sun coming in the window, so I left the window shield closed for most of the flight. I had a great time during this trip to Vancouver and I can’t wait to go back and see some of things I missed.