Year in Photos – Week 19

May 3, 2021

In April, I started the first of six courses towards become a Certified Asset Management Professional. This is the first post-secondary style course I have taken in nearly 15 years.

iPhone XR – 4.25mm – f1.8 – 1/60 – ISO 250

Textbook readings, quizzes, and assignments each week have kept me pretty busy when I’m not working.

May 4, 2021

Every Tuesday night, from the fall until spring, I try to take part in the #WeGetOutside Twitter chat.

iPhone XR – Screenshot

The general format is that the host asks one question every five minutes and participants respond using the #WeGetOutside hashtag in the answer. This is a great way to get some tips and tricks for getting outdoors.

May 5, 2021

While walking the dog, I came across this vibrant flowering shrub. The deep greens and reds were in sharp contrast to the cloudy and cool day.

iPhone XR – 4.25mm – f1.8 – 1/120 – ISO 25

PictureThis identified the plant as a flowering quince. It has an almost tropical look to it.

May 6, 2021

Speaking of flowers, the wildflowers continue to bloom in the Laurel Creek Conservation Area

Canon 80D – 18-135mm – 85mm – f5.6 – 1/200 – ISO 200

This yellow marsh marigold can be found in low-lying wet areas. It’s a nice burst of colour among the tall brown reeds of last years’ cattails.

May 7, 2021

We were walking through the Conservation Area again and came across a pair of ducks. One of them was a male mallard and easy to identify.

Canon 80D – EFS 18-135mm – f5.6 – 1/125 – ISO 200

I would have expected the other one to be a female mallard, but the dark feathers with the white patch isn’t something I’ve seen before.

May 8, 2021

I’ve always enjoyed looking up at the stars and taking long exposure shots of the night sky.

Canon 80D – EF 50mm – f3.5 – 1/25 – ISO 800

I haven’t had much of an opportunity to get the telescope out since I got it, but hopefully I can do more of that soon. This low-light shot would have been much better if I had used the flash and hadn’t rushed to get a picture in at the end of the day.

May 9, 2021

With the weather continuing to improve, that means more time for barbecue season!

iPhone XR – 4.25mm – f1.8 – 1/180 – ISO 25

Veggie burgers, chicken sausages, and salmon are the most common things we like to cook on the grill. Although, I wouldn’t mind trying a few new ideas as well.


  1. Evange

    May 5 mainly because you used the word ‘tropical’!

  2. Mary Louise Kattides

    Nice marsh marigold!

  3. Wayne

    May 3 rd. Keeping your inspiration front and center!

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