Year in Photos – Week 22

It’s been a busy week, so I got behind on my posts again! This week is more of the traditional shots, with a few flowers from the garden.

May 24, 2021

The Canada 150 tulips that I posted about before have turned from their pale yellow to the white and red of the Canadian flag. They are very striking flowers in our garden, where there are few others so far.

iPhone XR – 4.25mm – 1/25 – ISO 250

The squirrels must have moved a few tulip bulbs last fall because I know I didn’t plant these tulips here.

May 25, 2021

For the past several years, I’ve hung various bird feeders in the backyard and really enjoyed watching the different species come by. This year, we have had more birds than usual, including baby birds. The orange in the suet feeder was my hopes of seeing a Baltimore oriole, but so far, no luck. To be clear, I don’t hang these to bait the birds for photos, but just to offer food supply in our urban environment.

Canon 80D – EFS 18-135mm – 67mm – f5.0 – 1/100 – ISO 800

What I didn’t know about hummingbird feeders, is that the sugar water can expire in the feeder, especially in hot weather. The food should be changed every few days to avoid bacteria growth. I don’t have the time to do that, so I won’t be using that feeder again.

May 26, 2021

We have a lot of spring flowers in our front garden that open from late April, until about mid-June. The bursts of colour on a dreary spring day is a promise of summer!

Canon 80D – EFS 18-135mm – 74mm – f5.0 – 1/100 – ISO 800

These irises are later to bloom and have a bright purple flower. There are four bunches in our garden, and we’ll have to either move them or give some away, before they take over.

May 27, 2021

While I enjoy the IDEA of growing some of our own food, time is not something I have a lot of time for these days. I have several kinds of seedlings already in the ground, and I hope they do well, but I’m thinking I might move to a more hardy perennial type food garden next year.

Canon 80D – EFS 18-135mm – 35mm – f4.5 – 1/80 – ISO 800

We had so many seedlings this year, that I don’t have a lot of room for these seeds. I’ll plant what I can, but I think I’ll have to leave a few out.

May 28, 2021

So, after 16 months, I am still on the sourdough bandwagon. I’ve kept my sourdough starter growing (along with my hair) and I’ve been branching out with new recipes. I tried my first focaccia the other day, and it was delicious!

iPhone XR – 4.25mm – f1.8 – 1/40 – ISO 250

I moved on to trying cinnamon raisin bagels. They look near perfect in this picture, and the flavour was really good, but they were a bit on the tough side. More proofing time after shaping is probably needed, so I guess I’ll have to try again next week.

May 29, 2021

Up at the family cottage and here in Waterloo, the gypsy moth caterpillars have been out in force; hanging from the trees and landing on people, causing itchy welts from the toxic spikes on their bodies.

Canon 80D EFS 18-135mm – 135mm – f5.6 – 1/50 – ISO 200

I hope this year isn’t as bad as last year, but the latest reports are that they are expected to be worse. This little cluster was on a young beech tree in the Laurel Creek Conservation Area.

May 30, 2021

The front garden has really started to fill in this year, with some of the plants expanding outwards quite a bit. Most of the spring flowers are coming to an end, and the early summer flowers are just getting ready to bloom.

iPhone XR – 4.25mm – f1.8 – 1/720 – ISO 25

We had a small area of milkweed last year and it seems to have come up in a lot of places this year. I’ll wait until the monarch butterflies are getting ready to migrate south, around late summer, and then try to reign in the spread of the milkweed. The garden certainly looks a lot better than the first spring, when the plants were still small.

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  1. Mary Louise Kattides

    Beautiful garden! I hear that bagels are challenging to make.

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